Our Vision

BP Maintenance Group is committed to providing the best customer service in the industry, honestly and ethically.

Our Solution

We offer an extensive range of services to ensure that our clients are covered in all aspects of their properties’ needs.

Our Services

We specialize in the maintenance of commercial properties, industrial park and office buildings.

Serving all of South Florida... Quick Response Time... Available 24/7

Miami Dade County Commercial Property Maintenance


BPM Maintenance Group, Inc. understands how the property surrounding any Dade County business should have an aesthetically pleasing appearance, and make a good impression on those who visit.  Additionally, the appearance of the property can be a bad reflection on the tenants that lease or rent space there, when it isn’t maintained in proper fashion.  A commercial property that has been well maintained commands a higher value than those that are rundown and unkempt.  Plus, it translates into higher lease or rental prices, and better-quality tenants that stay longer.

Business Philosophy

Since establishing our business, our company has evolved into an industry leader.  We can provide the highest quality Dade County commercial property maintenance services in South Florida.  Our philosophy is simple – ‘provide the highest quality services at the greatest value and exceed all customer expectations’.  Our customizable property maintenance solutions can easily be tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements; no matter how big or small the job may be.

The Most Extensive Line of Services

While other competitors only provide one or two services, BPM Maintenance Group, Inc. does it all.  In other words, we’re a one-stop shop for all your property maintenance needs.  Whether you are only concerned with maintaining the exterior of your building and the property surrounding it. Or, you need our maintenance services indoors and out, we can accommodate your needs.  Our services enhance the looks of commercial properties and keep the businesses on them looking their best.

We specialize in the care and maintenance of a broad range of commercial properties including chain establishments, industrial parks, office buildings, shopping centers, strip malls, and more.  As your Dade County commercial maintenance services provider, BPM Maintenance Group, Inc. can offer the following on a 24/7 basis:

  • Parking lot maintenance – including parking lot repair, parking lot signage installation, parking lot sweeping, Dade County pothole repair service, and striping
  • Property inspections performed on a regularly scheduled basis to ensure that it is maintained to your expectations and our standards

In addition to these Dade County commercial property maintenance services, BPM Maintenance Group, Inc. can provide asphalt patching, locksmith, painting services, porter services, and much more.  We are truly a one-stop-shop for all your property maintenance needs.

What Separates Us from Our Competitors?

As we mentioned above, other Dade County commercial maintenance companies only provide one or two services at best.  This means that you would need to enlist the help of several different companies in order to have your property fully cared for.  On the other hand, you can find all the services you require under one contact, when you hire our company to maintain your property.  Whether it’s general maintenance, day porter services, parking lot maintenance, or power sweeping; we’ve got you covered.

At BPM Maintenance Group, Inc. , we believe that there should be more to Dade County commercial maintenance companies than simply mopping floors or power sweeping parking lots.  We take a collective team approach to commercial property maintenance by offering services that will:

  • Enhance the appearance and image of your property
  • Focus on practicing higher quality standards in order to deliver outstanding results
  • Help you to maximize the return on your property investment
  • Provide you, your business tenants, and their employees with an environment that is both clean and comfortable

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our Dade County commercial property maintenance services, we encourage you to contact BPM Maintenance Group, Inc. at 786-420-2524 or 786-801-4628.  Let us show you why we should be your one-stop-shop for all your property maintenance needs.