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BP Maintenance Group is committed to providing the best customer service in the industry, honestly and ethically.

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We offer an extensive range of services to ensure that our clients are covered in all aspects of their properties’ needs.

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We specialize in the maintenance of commercial properties, industrial park and office buildings.

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Miami Lakes Commercial Property Maintenance


One of the ways to ensure that your commercial property has very few, if any, vacancies is by maintaining its appearance and making sure everything is in good working order.  The best way to do that is by entrusting your property to our Miami Lakes commercial property maintenance services.  BPM Maintenance Group, Inc. is the most trusted name in our industry and is available around the clock for regularly scheduled building, and property maintenance in Miami Lakes.

The Importance of Property Maintenance

The lack of professional Miami Lakes property maintenance services can result in lost business and costly legal problems.  Whether you have business tenants with employees, or people who frequent your property to conduct business, they deserve a comfortable and safe environment in which to do so.  As a business person and commercial property owner, you should know that making a good first impression is paramount to your success.  Just the day-to-day operations alone can be overwhelming at times.

Furthermore, there is much more to maintaining a commercial property than mopping floors, repairing a light fixture, or sweeping your parking lot.  Effective commercial maintenance services require many processes and tasks.  It can range from daily cleaning and repairs, to the more complex refurbishing or renovating responsibilities.  Needless to say, as a commercial property owner, you need to be proactive with your maintenance activities in order to protect your Miami Lakes real estate investment.

Safety is Always a Key Issue

The cost of maintaining your property will pale in comparison to the legal costs that could result from the lack of proper maintenance, and keeping it a safe environment.  For instance, cracks in sidewalks or uneven walkway surfaces can cause an individual to trip and fall.  Parking lot potholes can be hazardous to motorists and motorcyclists.  If they sustain injuries because you were negligent, and didn’t maintain a safe property, you could find yourself embroiled in a costly and time consuming legal case.

Improved Curb Appeal = Increased Property Value

As a client of BPM Maintenance Group, Inc. , you’ll enjoy the many benefits that our preventative and regularly scheduled commercial property maintenance services offer.  First and foremost, you’ll benefit from having a commercial property that is pleasing to the eyes, or what is more commonly referred to as improved curb appeal.  In real estate circles, improved curb appeal oftentimes equates to increased property value.  Even more important is the fact that you will realize a good return on your investment.

Let’s be realistic.  As a commercial property owner in Miami Lakes, you already know that you only get one shot at making a good first impression with first-time visitors.  So, it makes sense that you would want to invest in Miami Lakes property maintenance services.  Allow us to keep the buildings and surrounding grounds in top notch condition.  BPM Maintenance Group, Inc. will help you create a positive, long-lasting impression on business tenants and their employees, as well as customers and other visitors to your property.

Our Services

Many of our Miami Lakes and South Florida competitors only offer one or two services. There are few commercial maintenance companies in the United States today that offer the full range of services that our company offers.  As the premier property maintenance services providers in Florida, we provide our services to industrial parks, malls, office buildings, retail chain establishments, shopping centers, and more.  Our building and property maintenance services include:

  • parking lot maintenance and striping
  • porter services
  • power sweeping
  • routine property inspections

We are not only a full-service commercial property maintenance company, but, we also offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry.  We are committed to exceeding your expectations and providing the highest quality services, at the greatest value.  For additional information regarding our extensive line of services, call BPM Maintenance Group, Inc. today, at 786-420-2524 or 786-801-4628.  Let us show you how we can be your one-stop-shop for all your commercial property maintenance services needs and requirements in Miami Lakes.